About Jared and Dominque

Our Testimony

Jared and Dominque are a married couple living with a passion for Jesus Christ. Both being consumed by the work of Jesus Christ, they live their lives with the utmost passion of seeing lost souls come to Christ, grow in Christ, and then live for Christ. Their hearts burn for those stuck in darkness and by the grace of God their lives will be lights helping others connect to Jesus Christ. They have been given the awesome privilege to serve God by taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Atlanta urban youth and hope to bring change to the city by making disciples one student at a time.

Jared says:

“One month before my 21st birthday an amazing thing happened. God revealed Him- self to me and enabled me to accept a gift He offers to all of mankind. To trust in what He did for me on the cross in order to restore our broken relationship. As I walk with Him He gives me things to do. The task at hand now is to share with lost teenagers in Atlanta, GA. I don’t know where He’ll lead next but until then see you in Atlanta.”

Dominque says:

“My senior year in college God transformed my life and gave me hope and a future. Jesus Christ delivered me from the kingdom of darkness and depression into his kingdom of light and adopted me as a daughter. As I strive to know Him better, I am excited to share the person that changed my life to lost teenagers in inner city Atlanta. I want them to have the same hope and future that I re- ceived. I lay my life at His feet because He is worth it.”

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