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Being Missional in the City

Tim Keller puts out great information on ministry in the city and how to do it. I listened to this sermon and thought it would be of interest to anyone who has a heart for missions in the city. Feel free to let me know what you think after listening.

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Ministry in the Neighborhood

Much too often my mind can be more distracting than desired. I could have a specific task or be doing something and suddenly my mind could just start racing. I more commonly hear about other people experiencing something like this when their having problems getting to sleep. You might have experience this yourself, you just can’t get your mind to stop thinking about things. This happens for me at the most inappropriate times, like when I’m having a conversation with someone, trying to get some work done by a deadline, or even when I’m praying. It used to be really frustrating but I’m learning to live with it. Well, I was having one of those moments the other morning. Continue reading