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Dysfunctional Heart (Part 1 of 2)

I had one of the most refreshing revelations this week. It has really put me in a different frame of mind and I am so grateful to God for revealing to me truths about his nature that free me up to truly love people. For years, I have noticed that when I am truly honest about myself, I don’t genuinely care about people. If you know just a little about me this might come as a shock, because you know that I am in full-time vocational ministry. To be fair, I cared enough to have a burden for hurting youth, but I sincerely struggle with caring for their hearts. In other words, I can view people as projects in many respects…I know this sounds terrible, but I need grace just as much as the next person. Continue reading

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Heart Idols

I just can’t get around the fact that what the book of Acts presents as biblical community is so disproportionately different from what I see as Christianity in our modern Western culture. The church in Acts actually looked different to those outside of the faith. Different in a good way. The Christian community was attractive and inviting to outsiders in a way that we just aren’t today. I think if we brought our Christian brothers and sisters from that time era into ours and we saw their community, I wouldn’t be surprised if people would call them a “cult”. Continue reading

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The Coming Storm

The urgency of urban missions is knocking at our door. The knock is getting louder and louder with each passing day. The statistics are alarming and if we continue to ignore them, culture will throw out Christianity and we won’t even notice it happened. We’ll just feel it. Continue reading

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