Q: Where does CRU (formerly Student Venture) minister and what impact is it having?

A: CRU (formerly Student Venture) was founded in 1966 by Bill and Vonette Bright and is the middle and high school ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. In metro locations across the U.S. and in 12 countries, we are taking the hope of the Gospel and the challenge of discipleship to students on and off their school campus. Please see CRU’s Staffed Cities Advisory Council Report, or the CRU Web site for more information.

Q: How is your salary and support goal determined?

A: Our salary is set by Campus Crusade and is based on my age, financial needs and geographic factors.  Our support goal includes our salary, benefits, a retirement plan, Social Security and ministry expenses.
Please visit Campus Crusade for Christ’s Donor Relations page. Click here

Q: Does all the support go to you?

A: All support is made payable to Campus Crusade for Christ and is directed to our staff account. All funds go directly to our account and Campus Crusade automatically deducts 12 percent of each donation. Seven of the 12 percent is used for administrative expenses, such as processing payroll, benefits and other services. Five of the 12 percent is used to help fund Campus Crusade ministries in places overseas where staff members find it difficult to raise support.
Please visit Campus Crusade for Christ’s Donor Relations page. Click here

Q: Who do I make checks payable to?  Why?

A: Please make checks payable to Campus Crusade for Christ. Our names does not need to appear any where on the check. This allows the check to be sent directly to my account with Campus Crusade, and it makes the IRS happy so your gift is tax deductible. If you are sending in a check directly to Campus Crusade please make sure it has an attached note that indicates the check is for my ministry and has my staff account #0623200 on it. See my Partnering page for more information on mailing in donations.

Q: Are there other ways to donate?

A: Yes! You can give a special gift or a reoccurring gift online by Electronic Funds Transfer or credit card.Click here to give online.

Q: I’m already a ministry partner. How do I change my donor information or giving amount?

A: I will be happy to make any changes with Campus Crusade for you and would love the opportunity to reconnect with you. Please email me at jared.dawson@cru.org or call 219.902.1729.
Contact Donations Services directly at 1-888-CRUSADE (1-888-278-7233) from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or click here.
You can also set up an online account so you can readily access your donor activity, history and info, and easily change information –all online. Click here to create an account!

Q: How long are you looking for people to partner financially?

A: We are committed to the ministry of CRU until God directs me elsewhere or we are physically unable to continue. We ask financial partners to commit in the same way as the Lord leads – to be a part of this until God directs their hearts and ministry elsewhere or until they are unable to.

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