The Need for Christ in the Culture

This is great information Tim Keller puts out on Cultural Transformation. Every Christian should check this out.

Racism and the Church

This is an awesome discussion on race and the church. It touches on the truth that the Gospel has the power to break racial barriers and why we see so little of its power in our own realities as Americans. It’s a bit long but well worth the time.

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A “Cross Cultural” Mission

We’ve been on the mission field for a little over a year and a half but, just this past Tuesday I felt for the first time like a cross cultural missionary. Some of you, as I, might find this surprising because I’m an African-American predominately seeking to reach other African-Americans. The term cross cultural missionary is typically ascribe to the missionary who leaves their home to be a witness to a people group in a different part of the world. This change from one culture to another may necessitate learning a new language, behavior expectations, recreational activities, etc. It is obvious that when one person leaves his home and travels to another country that the degrees of separation would be much greater than someone who may go from one region to another however, the need to be a learner of culture is still necessary. Continue reading

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Thank You

Campus Crusade says thank you to the thousands of people who make sacrifices in time and resources to help it impact lives all over the world. We would like to personally thank all of those who support us because you allow us to be a part of God’s work in Atlanta.

Ministry in the Neighborhood

Much too often my mind can be more distracting than desired. I could have a specific task or be doing something and suddenly my mind could just start racing. I more commonly hear about other people experiencing something like this when their having problems getting to sleep. You might have experience this yourself, you just can’t get your mind to stop thinking about things. This happens for me at the most inappropriate times, like when I’m having a conversation with someone, trying to get some work done by a deadline, or even when I’m praying. It used to be really frustrating but I’m learning to live with it. Well, I was having one of those moments the other morning. Continue reading