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God’s Mission

It is true that God has predetermined good works for us to do before the foundation of the world. It has been so hard to reconcile this fact in my mind because of the implications of it. So many conclusions can be drawn by just thinking over this fact. Ultimately, this means that God is the main character in every person’s life (really all of creation to be technically correct). Honestly speaking, there is a part of me that just doesn’t like it…I want to be important. I want to be significant. I always have. Ever since I could remember I have felt like I was special and that someday I would do great things that would leave people in awe. Continue reading

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Listening Prayer

So over this past week my wife and I have been trying to allow God to guide us. For some background information, my wife went to a friend’s home to learn how she spends time with Jesus and she gave my wife a little booklet titled, “God Guides.” The author gives countless stories about her experience with God as a missionary in India and my wife has been both convicted and refreshed from these stories. So as she’s been wrestling through this book I have been inevitably recruited to be her soundboard. (Of all the times I’m “inevitably recruited” I think this may be one, I’ve been least resistant to so far.) So she reads the amazing stories to me and I’d have to say I have been challenged as well. Continue reading

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Win the City…Win the World

     I read an article by Timothy Keller that spoke of the significance of the city and it’s theme throughout the scriptures. It rocked me to say the least. I have such a desire to see effective ministry in the city and it is so refreshing to know that my passion for urban environments lines up with God’s heart. I’ve questioned my call before only to have God provide some form of reassurance but, this article was one more reassuring gift God graced me with. Continue reading

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